Nantucket and back

The song isn’t for sale, and you can’t buy a 45 rpm record of it in a jacket that looks like this.

The song and video, Voyage of the Susan Elizabethcombines my own inner-rockstar guitarbage and home studio chops with some “arm overboard” iPhone video and iMovie editing. The soundtrack is a multilayered wall of guitars I recorded using my acoustic Martin D-28 and several tracks from my trusty Fender Strat Plus. I have versions with synth and drums; these are removed here. The bass track is my Strat, downwardly octavized with a pre-subwoofer 1970s sonic sensibility. As for the wind, waves and weather, it’s all from a two-week sail from Long Island through southern New England to Nantucket and back.

Had there been a crew of three instead of two on this 30-foot C&C, I might have had the luxury to shoot some of the taller waves and storms chasing us. The good news is that we beat most of the storms that chased us for days, especially on the return trip, until we reached Montauk and let it pass for an overnight before wrapping-up another find cruise.

If you’re inclined to hear more of the music I’ve made, there’s more. Ask and you shall receive.