Food Industry

Just add Oreos: Washin’ it down at Michigan Milk Producers Assn.

I’ve worked in and written broadly and deeply in this industry with a special focus on automation, enterprise IT, compliance and management issues.

Small view of a big e-book management project.
  •  Packaging World’s Food Safety Playbook is a long-form e-book in a critical area of FDA compliance. I did planning, management, editing, writing (and ghostwriting)…and wrote and edited everything from the landing/registration page, to e-marketing copy and promotions. Plus: content management. (PMMI/Packaging World)
  • Pepsi bottler shares secrets of OEE, Six Sigma, and, as the story goes, said bottler improved OEE scores 21 points, added more than an hour to daily productivity and covered its automation upgrade costs in one year. (Automation World; link)
Photo: If you’ve ever bought gravy in a jar, it likely came from this Heinz plant I toured.

From the archives…

  • Milk: Processed to death? Engineer turned dairy evangelist Warren Taylor turned to minimal processing with support from mainstream industry leaders. (Food Processing)
  • “Software Puts Your Plant on Fast-Forward:” Software that “lets you ‘TiVo’ your process?” Johnsonville Sausage’s ERP-to-plant data connectivity tools and tricks? And more. (Food Processing)
  • Chocolate, nuts and co-packing success: A profile of $6.7-billion confectionery co-packer Warrell Corp., and its leader, Pat Huffman. (Food Processing)
  • FPI applications of CIM alliances: What did the IT landscape look like in the early days of “Computer Integrated Manufacturing?” This article’s a throwback for the ages, using food processing industry (FPI) examples.
  • Here are 10 more articles of the many more I wrote for Food Processing magazine.

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