Economic and financial competency, from reporting on SEC filings to interviewing economists and financial analysts, has been part of my work (investigative and other) across sectors including food and foodservice, ad agencies, manufacturing and homebuilding.

  • 2020 vision: Co-packers in Tucson prepped for bullish U.S. economy revealed A.T. Kearney’s assessment and warnings — including wars over water — amid a booming economy riding high on strong output, worker productivity, fixed-capital investment, and a housing rally. (Contract Packaging Association).
  • Benjamins for Bricks (and mortar) reports on annual capital spending in the food processing industry based on a survey of leading industry executives. (Food Processing)
  • The Glass is half full tracks food industry M&A activity and investment plans in areas of energy, compliance and supply chain sourcing. (Food Processing/Grant Thornton)
  • Animal-health pharmaceuticals are jumping the ethical channel tracks Big Pharma firms’ renewed forays in the animal health sector amid the loss of product exclusivity and threats from rogue industry players. (Pharmaceutical Commerce)
  • CEO Spotlight: Long Distance Operators profiled the executives behind $3-billion-plus Meritage Homes’ record annual increases in earnings (84 percent) and revenues (49 percent) despite a soft market. (
  • NAR Affordability Index Raises Questions I needed to ask a Moody’s housing economist and Credit Suisse’ lead housing analyst as data showed this index to be off-kilter. Unbeknownst to these leading minds, this anomally presaged the soon-to-burst housing bubble. (
  • The next big boom details a projected $25-trillion housing boom by 2040 as demographics drain from metropolitan population centers, tilting toward the rise of 10 supersized “megapolitan” areas across the sunbelt. (
  • Reading the tides provides a concise-yet-extensive rundown on 12 top economic indicators, leading and lagging, used to track the U.S. housing economy. (  
  • 2005 Forecast sunny, not record-breaking was another example in which top housing economists, told me why they wrongly predicted what should have been a housing slump — but still didn’t predict that the bubble was primed to burst. (Professional Builder)
  • Adweek Special Report: upfront predictions drew from financial, marketing and corporate sources to predict sector-by-sector media spending for the coming year. This sample keys-in on the fast-food sector. (Adweek)
  • Bringing it home for Wendy’s profiles the CEO and CMO duo at Wendy’s, whose same-store sales and financials continued to beat their sector following the death of founder Dave Thomas. (Brandweek)
  • Tricon’s menu redefines multi-branding concepts followed-up on a $320-million fast-food acquisition by the parent of Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut, featuring exclusive reporting on boardroom speculation. (Brandweek)