Assets/plant performance

I’ve covered asset and facility performance from the dawn of maintenance software to the birth of predictive and condition-based management to the IoT-connected present…

  • Success in the field: Digitization of sensor networks forever changed how field instruments were managed and processes maintained — from Novartis in Singapore to the oilfields of Alaska’s North Slope. (FieldComm Group)
  • Pepsi bottler shares secrets of OEE, Six Sigma, Lean: In a sector characterized by razor-thin margins, this major bottler used advanced methods to gain dramatic results. (Automation World)
  • There’s an app for…that? The dawn of smartphones ushered in the dawn of OEE data and KPIs apps to track real-time asset and performance management via IoT connectivity. (Food Processing)
  • Catching the Drift: All about the software engineers and technicians use to predict and prevent drifting calibrations on industrial process instrumentation. (Control)
  • Inside, Outside — contracting strategies for a new economy: The detiled, straight dope — from military to manufacturing — on how large operations came to outsource workers, processes and whole facilities. (Plant Services)
  • Fix me: A deeply researched report on the growth of condition-based maintenance management beyond spot monitoring. It includes details from sensors that report their own looming demise to the birth of an industry-standard data framework…and early adopters from nuclear power to pulp & paper. (Plant Services)

“Fix Me” was a deeply researched report on condition-based maintenance, spanning industries from nuclear to pulp and paper, and technologies from control systems to infrared diagnostics and sensors that predict their own demise.