Digital transformation

Here you’ll find writings on topics critical to today’s and tomorrow’s connected B2B enterprise. (Never mind the unavoidable overlap with writings elsewhere in this e-portfolio, including IoT and 3D printing.)

  • Finding the silver lining in cloud analytics reveals new analytics opportunities from production to supply chain and instills best-practice solution-think, thanks to luminaries at ARC, ABI, Dow, Cisco, Emerson, Northwest Analytics, SAS, Seeq and Siemens. (SmartIndustry; link)
  • Will AI liberate the IoT’s potential? reveals how 99 percent of corporate leaders who combine AI with IoT to form an AIoT — Artificial Intelligence of Things — achieve greater-than-expected benefits, per research from SAS, Deloitte, Intel and IDC. (SmartIndustry; link)
  • Service is the new sizzle tracks the threat of commoditization not just for manufactured goods but manufacturing itself, and the industry’s response: using AI- and IoT-powered predictive service value-adds to guarantee customer uptime and build revenues. (SmartIndustry; link)
  • Edge, cloud or something in between? tracks the rise in IoT-connected edge computing networks from the perspective of pros at firms including SAP, Cisco, Oracle, and Intel, whose Twitter and LinkedIn promotions were welcome. (Smart Industry; link)
  • IIoT developers start delivering better process data tracks the rise and success of cloud-based operational and business analytics applications in the process industries. (Control/; link)
Facilities borrow a page from PLM and Pokemon Go!

And…from the archives:

Y2K: When “YY” turned to “YYYY”
  •  Take 2000 was a 32-page pre-Y2K book from my days as Editorial Director of Software Strategies, a manufacturing enterprise integration magazine. The link shows my kickoff Editor’s column and feature.
  • FPI applications of CIM alliances: What did the IT landscape look like in the early days of “Computer Integrated Manufacturing?” This article’s a throwback for the ages, using food processing industry (FPI) examples.