I’m a B2B storyteller who respects the time and intelligence of my clients and their audiences. After decades of work in tech, industry and business, I remain a fanboy of The New and The Next — and an advocate of purposeful language that doesn’t…suck. Because while SEO and marketing can lead people to water, no one will read copy that reads like it was ripped from a 1962 trade magazine.

My experience researching, interviewing, writing and editing spans sectors, media and formats. Rather than pitching any shotgun approach to a solution, however, I invite you to discuss your goals, great and small, one on one.

Contact me via phone/text (773.669.6529), or use the form. Thanks. —B.

Here’s a brief resume-type PDF to give you a small handle on some recent work.

Beyond my business, I’m a dad, longtime rockstar (on SoundCloud) and occasional digital illustrator.