Thanks for taking a minute to consider how I might help you meet your need for good writing, and a bit more.

Simply put, I’m a writer-editor who passes along knowledge to engage and motivate B2B audiences. I’m gratified for references such as these:

— Quotes excerpted from my LinkedIn profile.

Because written content dovetails with the larger digital content ecosystem, I’m always open to working with clients to improve audience engagement and click-through. This appreciation comes from experience in areas such as content management, B2B media and PR and collaboration with people who plan, track and measure performance via SEO and analytics.

Big picture: I believe good content isn’t a cost center but a driver for growth. If you agree, we might have something to talk about.

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Beyond my business, I’m a dad, longtime guitar player (on SoundCloud), occasional illustrator, erstwhile contractor and that B2B pro you’re about to call.