I’ve written forever, and have operated the ‘Field Office’ since 2008. People have benefited from my work, which can be summed-up with two bullets:

  • External editor, writer and content partner with 10+ years of print and digital B2B experience
  • Reliable resource for improving audience engagement and lead generation

Some of the topics and issues I’ve covered:

supply chain management, enterprise automation and information systems, cloud/SaaS/etc., logistics, packaging, contract outsourcing partnerships (in manufacturing, packaging and sales), digital printing, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), digital transformation, industrial automation and control (discrete factory; process & hybrid/batch environments), asset maintenance/management, sensors and instrumentation, robotics, industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, data analytics, process optimization, simulation, virtual reality, CPG and food trends, food safety standards & regulations, fast-food marketing and financials, food science, pharmaceutical and life-sciences (marketing, animal health, cannabis), building & development, land planning, new urbanism, branding and advertising, financial filings, music industry suppliers and trends.

The above terms aren’t hyperlinked…yet. Please click to the Portfolio page for more details, and use this contact form to discuss your latest brainstorm: