Doing business as the Field Office since 2008, I serve media and corporate clients as an external partner. I provide writing, editing and other content-related needs.

People call upon my services for . . .

  • Experience targeting content in traditional and digital media,
  • Depth and breadth of experience across the B2B landscape, and
  • Enhancing audience engagement and lead generation.

Topics & issues covered include…

…enterprise IT, supply chain management, cloud/fog/edge computing, logistics, packaging, contract outsourcing partnerships (in manufacturing, packaging and sales), digital transformation, digital printing, 3D printing, industrial automation and control (discrete and process), asset maintenance/management, sensors and instrumentation, Internet of Things / Industry 4.0, robotics, data analytics, OT/IT integration, process optimization, simulation/VR/AR, CPG and food industry trends, technology, standards & regulations, fast-food marketing and financials, pharma/life-sciences, building & development, land planning, new urbanism, branding and advertising, financial filings, music industry news and trends.

The above topics aren’t hyperlinked, but you’ll learn more if you visit the Portfolio page, and contact me using the below form. Thanks,   —B.


Beyond the work highlighted here, I’m a proud father, a longtime guitar player and an occasional artist.