When your Big Picture doesn’t easily fit into a small frame, I’m an experienced professional who can help you do it — craft and send the right messages, to the right people, to the right mix of media channels.

Depending on your needs, I can deliver a single piece of content or a full package with all the trimmings. For example, a white paper can be accompanied by copy for landing pages, e-mail blasts, news, blog posts, social blurbs, A/B test copy…whatever it takes. Contact me to discuss your goals.

PHONE 773.NOW.OKAY (773.669.6529) OR USE THE FORM:


supply chain management, enterprise IT, operational automation, logistics, packaging, manufacturing, outsourcing, digital printing, additive manufacturing (3D printing), asset maintenance/management, digital transformation, industrial control systems, sensors and instrumentation, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing (also edge and fog computing), Industry 4.0, process optimization, CPG and food industry trends, standards & regulations, fast-food marketing and financials, food science, pharmaceutical and life-sciences (marketing, animal health, cannabis), residential and mixed-use building & development, land planning, new urbanism, branding, music industry suppliers…more. ALSO: I’m interested in helping charitable organizations that help make the world a better place.

Beyond these services, Bob’s a proud father, longtime guitar player, home studio geek and occasional artist — activities that come in handy for media production and light illustration/design work.