I serve media, creative firms and corporate organizations when time is tight and talent scarce. People know me as a writer, editor and content provider for jobs that call for turnkey content for broader initiatives, such as: long-form reports delivered with associated trimmings — copy for e-promotions, news, landing/registration pages, social blurbs and e-marketing enticements. Further, I’ve co/managed projects and people, and helped shape messaging and elements of branding and media campaigns.

What I deliver, in three bullets:

  • Experience and grounding across many sectors
  • Targeted, well-crafted content pieces for all media types, and
  • Greater audience engagement / lead-gen in multi-channel packages

Visit my e-portfolio, phone/text (773) NOW-OKAY or use the below form for more information. Thank you!   —Bob



supply chain management, enterprise automation and information systems, logistics, packaging, contract outsourcing partnerships (in manufacturing, packaging and sales), digital printing, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), digital transformation, industrial automation and control (discrete factory; process & hybrid/batch environments), asset maintenance/management, sensors and instrumentation, robotics, cloud computing, edge computing, Industry 4.0, AI, IoT, analytics, process optimization, simulation, virtual reality, CPG and food trends, food safety standards & regulations, fast-food marketing and financials, food science, pharmaceutical and life-sciences (marketing, animal health, cannabis), building & development, land planning, new urbanism, advertising/branding, financial filings, music industry suppliers and trends…

Beyond the work highlighted here, I’m a proud father, a longtime guitar player and an occasional artist.