Select a topic area to access writings from some of the topics I’ve tackled:*

  • Digital Transformation writings cover IoT, Industry 4.0, analytics, AI, edge/cloud computing, AR/VR, and additive manufacturing.
  • Assets/Performance Management writings cover PLM, condition-based management and new IoT-connected, predictive services. 
  • Outsourcing Ops/Supply Chain writings cover external supplier relationships from packaging and manufacturing to SaaS-based supply chain IT.
  • Food Industry writings cover compliance, ERP, IT, analytics, automation, food safety and management issues.
  • Pharma Marketing writings cover cannabis, animal health, sales, loyalty/couponing and lots of thorny compliance issues.
  • Economic/Financial writings have incorporated interviews and research from economists, financial analysts, SEC reports, quarterly meetings and M&A goings-on.

Experience also includes B2C from building to retail and more. To learn more, visit the About/Contact page.

Some kind words from influencers, via LinkedIn:

*Topics I’ve tackled include…

supply chain management, enterprise IT, ERP and operational management systems, logistics, packaging, manufacturing, outsourcing, digital printing, additive manufacturing (3D printing), asset maintenance/management, digital transformation, industrial control systems, sensors and instrumentation, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing (also edge and fog), Industry 4.0, process optimization, CPG and food industry trends, standards & regulations, fast-food marketing and financials, food science, pharmaceutical and life-sciences (marketing, animal health, cannabis), residential and mixed-use building & development, land planning, new urbanism, branding, music industry suppliers…more. ALSO: I’m interested in helping charitable organizations that help make the world a better place.