Dead simple marketing: How ‘Social’ is the new Soylent Green

Goin' social in Tucson

Goin’ social with the Contract Packaging Association at the Tucson Omni/National

Okay, we get that Spam is a protected trademark, unless it has a lowercase “s,” in which case it refers to the virtual analog of the canned pink, meaty stuff. And Kleenex ain’t just any paper product. Unlike brand names, however, there’s no legal department to remind us of the true meaning of buzzwords. Like “social.”

What’s social mean? For starters, like Soylent Green, it’s about PEOPLE! Not thumbs smudging a smartphone or myopic drones spamming-out 144-character cyber-droppings on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn just because somebody told them to.

My attendance at a recent confab of the Contract Packaging Association, particularly some presentations and a group of attendees — enterprising outsourcers — led me to some deep thoughts under the hood. For this crowd, succeeding in business hinges first and foremost on real as well as virtual, relationships. That, and some golf, decent meals and some good drink (pictured).

I connected those dots and published them in dead trees and online, in the column titled, “Where’s this Relationship Going?” There you’ll find links to experts on both social…and socializing.