I’m Bob Sperber. I use “Field Office” for the obvious reason of serving as a remote extension of my clients’ in-house work processes. 

I’m best known for decades of editorial work across several industry, technology and business sectors. Clients and their educated audiences have benefitted from my work, which helps them gain insight into complex issues so that they can make more informed, effective decisions.

Media organizations have called upon me to serve editorial roles ranging from Reporter to Editorial Director, in print and digital media. It involved a lot of writing and a bit of project management.

Corporate and marketing organizations have benefitted from my services to serve their needs, as well. These needs have ranged from marketing and public relations services and, again, lots of public-facing work, from project and content management to writing. Writings have ranged spanned blogs, e-marketing copy and multi-channel content from news to custom feature-length pieces and longer reports. 

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