Outsourced Ops/Supply Chain

…a sampling of writings on outsourcing partnerships, from packaging and manufacturing contracts to collaborative supply chain IT.

  • The supply chain link both Walmart & Amazon are missing discusses cloud collaboration between brands and co-pack partners via SaaS-based services. It was a content-marketing success, earning 140 white-paper downloads in the first 10 days at SupplyChain24/7. (Nulogy; Peerless Media)
  • Standardizing Customization: My job was to provide content consulting for a blog post by Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy. Part One introduced of standard tools and methods for late-stage CPG product/packaging customization; Part Two highlighted successful implementations of collaborative co-pack solutions. (Nulogy)
  • Mass customization for a ready-to-eat CPG giant, in which I consulted for author Jason Tham, CEO, Nulogy, reveals ready-to-eat cereal leader Kellogg’s mass-customization from direct-to-consumer to it’s SaaS-powered supply chain partnerships. (Nulogy; link)
  • Anatomy of a rapid EDI implementation details the successful integration between a leading pet-food brand, a co-pack partner and Walmart/retailers. (Nulogy; Food Logistics; Food Engineering)
  • Co-packing and the rise of digital printing: One of my Editor’s columns investigating the business case for short-run tech for better mass customization. (Contract Packaging)
  • How will your brands manage outsourcing in five years? shared brand outsourcing insights from a panel of food and CPG brand veterans. (Contract Packaging magazine)
  • Steeped in service, poised for growth: Tea, both iced and hot, helped Chicago’s Damron Corp. secure kudos as McDonald’s first National Diversity Supplier. (Contract Packaging)