Editorial Clips

Note: Newer clips can be found in the running blog, in which I comment on, and link to, writings newer than most of the below.

Below are clips that date back from the Dead Tree Age to more recent writings. My history of B2B specialization has brought deep investigation, sourcing, interviewing and reporting to thousands of management and tech pros across many industries. It’s hard to keep the Web links current, but here’s a look at some of the thousands of stories I’ve written.


  • HOW BUILDING & DEVELOPMENT WORK: A few of the many stories I wrote are at this link.
  • HOW STUFF IS PACKAGED: (To be added; some are at this link.)
  • MADMEN OF THE 9/11 AGE: This link has some of the silly big-dollar moves from the era in which I leaked McMemos for the Adweek group.
    • Modular Automation Allows for Food Manufacturing Flexibility: The origin story of object oriented software in the world of real-time industrial automation. (2011; Putman Media)
    • Getting Real About Simulation: How and where eye-popping 3-D graphics, virtual reality and even Wii controllers play a role in taming statistical models, from training to actual control of processes. (2009; Putman Media)
    • Catching the Drift: The rise of a new class of software to help engineers predict and prevent drifting calibrations and better control and manage industrial processes. (2009; Putman Media)
    • Upstairs, Downstairs: Learn the roots of today’s Industrial Internet of Things by learning how the XML and Web Services came to industrial automation. (2008; Putman Media)
    • A Better Mousetrap: The story of a revolution that put, in effect, tiny laboratories inside industrial process pipework, thanks to nano/micro-miniaturization technology, via the NeSSI standard. (2008; Putman Media)


  • THE TECH OF PROCESSED FOOD FACTORIES: To be added; 50 or so articles are at this link.
  • MORE, BROADER FOOD BUSINESS & TECH: Below are articles from my days as the first Editorial Director for VerticalNet’s Food & Packaging Group. A lot’s changed. I’ll be working to update the links. AND: I wrote on predictive analytics for them the (current) site owner in 2015, so there’s more to come. For now, here are some older…… BakeryOnline.com articlesBeverageOnline.com articlesDairyNetwork.com articlesFoodOnline.com articlesMeatAndPoultryIOnline.com articlesPackagingnetwork.com articlesFoodIngredientsOnline.com articlesFoodserviceCentral.com articles

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