My music, audio production and occasional art are mainly avocational, but sharing is caring…

Takin’ out the Guitarbage: (SoundCloud playlist): Original guitar-based instrumentals I created and produced. They’re mainly experimental excursions from my New Jersey garage-band heart.

Now that’s saying something (SoundCloud playlist): Additional tunes that have me “singing.”

Farmageddon (YouTube playlist): In these live performance videos, I’m the lead guitarist (at left in photo) for Farmageddon, which rocked some of Chicago’s finest dives for half of the aughts.

BŪM BŪM! (SoundCloud Playlist): An old a taste of the live Devi 2000 kirtan-chanting experience, which I support on guitar.

New Noise for Now People (YouTube playlist): A little experimentation, including some improv tracks from 2015 featuring my sliding guitar, sitar and drums. NOTE about the art at right: They’re photographic details of yoga mats I designed to promote Debi Buzil; available through the Sankalpa Yoga community here and here.